IM Basketball Standout Won’t Stop Talking About High School


SAINT PETER—After scoring 34 points and grabbing 15 rebounds in only his second career intramural basketball game, first-year Zach Lewis is gaining the reputation of being one of the league’s most dynamic players, as well as that guy that refuses to shut the fuck up about high school.

Sophomore teammate Ryan Campbell commented on Lewis, “Zach’s a great player, but he’s that guy that won’t stop talking about when they won conference in two sports. Is winning that championship t-shirt worth another story about the time they were 2.2 seconds away from state? I’m not sure.”

Immediately after the game, Lewis told reporters, “What a great game we had out there. I love this team, but probably not as much as my high school team. I mean we were a team. Like that time against West.” Lewis then talked to anyone who would listen to him for another half hour.

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