Gustie Watches Fight Club, Life Is “Changed”

SAINT PETER—In what he is now calling a “life-changing event,” William Fisk’s first viewing of the 1999 David Fincher film Fight Club has left quite the impression on the first-year who had watched it with a couple of friends in his room in Sohre Hall on Friday night.

“Best movie I’ve ever seen, hands down,” said Fisk. “I’ve watched it four more times since then.” Fisk, who is strongly leaning towards a Philosophy major, is also prodding his friends and classmates into calling him Tyler Durden, the character immortalized by Brad Pitt.

“He’s really changed since watching that movie,” said fellow Sohre resident Allie Drake. “Not that we liked him to begin with, but now we have to listen to long lectures about consumerism and chaos. We’re all pretty tired of it, to be honest.”

Fisk has since pledged to only write papers and test responses on the film during the spring semester, which will undoubtedly be a challenge due to his course load including French II, Calculus I, European Philosophy, and Organismal Biology.

Fisk remains confident:  “It might not be easy to incorporate the elements of this great film in all of my graded work, but I know that’s what the unnamed narrator in the movie would have wanted…Stopping the world from an economic and societal meltdown won’t be easy, but you’ve got to start somewhere.”

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