G-Choir Senior Doesn’t Cry after CinCC

SAINT PETER—After evading reporters for over two months, senior Gustavus Choir member Ashley Werth finally spoke about not crying after her last Christmas in Christ Chapel.

“It’s true, I didn’t cry,” Werth said, surrounded by family. “I just didn’t think it was worth crying over. Yeah, it’s nice and cool, and this was my last one, but I don’t see the big deal. Sorry?”

Others close to the choir are not buying her apology. Senior Anna Richardson claims, “I’ve only just stopped crying…It’s such a beautiful experience, I just don’t think anyone as soulless as her should even be in this choir.”

Dr. Gregory Aune, former director of the Gustavus Choir has since resigned from the job. He has made no statements since the incident and has not been heard from for weeks. While storming out of the chapel after the last Sunday performance, Aune was heard muttering to himself, “If ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ doesn’t make you weep tears of joy, I don’t know what in the [expletive] I can do for you.”

Dr. Brandon Dean, who has since replaced Aune as director of the choir told reporters, “It’s really unfortunate that things had to go down like this because of one icy, unfeeling girl—no, robot. She couldn’t be a human.”

Werth, who was planning on graduating from Gustavus with a degree in Biology, is now mulling a decision to transfer with a semester left in her undergraduate career.

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