Student Body Discovers School Has Nordic Ski Team

SAINT PETER—For the first time since becoming an official sport on campus, Gustavus’ Nordic Skiing team is finally being discovered by the Gustavus student body, most of which were unaware that Nordic Skiing was an actual sport.

“It’s good to finally be noticed by our peers,” said junior skier Taylor Ericson. “I was beginning to think nobody even knew what our sport was.” When told that nobody even knew what is sport was, Ericson responded, “Are you kidding me? We aren’t secretive about it. We are always skiing around campus and in the Arb and stuff. Christ…”

Sophomore Lily Preston, and Ericson’s ex-girlfriend, was one of the 2400 students who had no inclination that the sport existed on campus. Preston told reporters, “Okay, okay. They ski. But not downhill? That doesn’t even sound fun. That sounds like a lot of work.”

Ericson responded to Preston’s comments, “She didn’t know? And what did she say? ‘That sounds like a lot of work’? Yeah, it is a lot of work. How did no one here know that this is a sport?”

A recent survey asked the newly initiated students if they would attend future Gustavus Nordic Skiing races. 35.8 percent replied, “Where would I even find this?” and the other 64.2 percent answered, “Nah, too cold.”

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