Presidential Candidate Looks Suspiciously Like Moustached Jack Ohle

SAINT PETER- After his two-day visit to campus last week, top Presidential Candidate Joel Hackl has fallen under new scrutiny  regarding his visual similarities to current college president Jack Ohle. Dr. Hackl aggressively discounted the rumors in an open Q&A session on Thursday night. In response to a student question asking Hackl how his presidency will differ from that of his predecessor, an agitated Hackl responded, “how could we possibly be the same person? While I have a moustache, President Ohle does not. Next question.”

President Ohle, when asked his opinions on the new candidate, commented, “the search committee has asked that I remain as far away from the search process as possible. They want no current presidential involvement. They don’t even so much as want to see me around campus. Works fine for me.”

Presidential Candidate Joel Hackl

Presidential Candidate Joel Hackl

Hackl, whose past collegiate administrative experiences include a presidency at Wartburn College in Waferleigh, Iowa, has been away from the higher education field since 2008. While Hackl is the current frontrunner for the Presidency, he has received criticism for what has been described by Faculty Chair Jim Choo as “his aloofness, hesitancy, and apparent deafness. I yelled his name eight or nine times last week before he finally turned to me and said ‘oh, yeah, I’m him. What now, Choo?’” Critics have noted that Dr. Hackl is in many ways similar to the College’s current president, except for the groomed facial hair that sits between his upper lip and nose.

President Ohle, who has been noticeably more relaxed in his last year as President, has recently exhibited some of the tension that was his hallmark through several years of strained administration-faculty relations.  At an address for prospective Anderson Theatre Scholarship winners last Saturday, President Ohle shared with the students that “when I’m President, I’ll make sure to renew our focus on the performing arts.” After noticing some bewildered looks from attendees, Ohle frantically touched his upper lip and quickly added “thankfully, I am President right now, at this moment, and have been for several years. So I’ll start doing that now. Thanks, I’m Jack Ohle!”

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