President’s Ball Schedule

President’s Ball is coming up this Saturday, March 15th at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato. Make the most of your night by getting all of the event details from The Fourth Crown, powered by the legendary network of Verizon Wireless.

4:00pm: For students who were unable to purchase a ticket beforehand, Verizon Wireless will be allowing an extra 25 people into the event provided they sign up for a new 2-year contract at the door.

4:30pm: Unisex gray smocks will be distributed to all students as required dress prior to the event starting as mandated by Supreme Chancellor Timmons.

5:00pm: Social Hour. Sound beatings will be administered to anybody seen not being social.

5:15pm: Cash bar will be available. Those who are of age can purchase alcoholic beverages for students not of age.

5:30pm: Open skating on the Verizon Wireless Center rink. Skates not provided. Purchase the new, sleek Motorola Droid Maxx from Verizon Wireless for just $199.99 after rebate and receive a set of gently-used hockey skates with your purchase!

6:00pm: Dinner begins. Guests can choose from the following meal options: Cat food, Buttermilk smoothie, or Krill. Side dishes cost extra, but are included for free if you sign up for a Verizon Wireless family plan with 10GB of shared data.

7:00pm: Due to an unfortunate scheduling mistake, the night’s entertainment will be provided by members of the Shaw Brothel.

8:00pm: The night is half over! Be sure to partake in the President’s Ball tradition of taking half of your clothes off!

8:45pm: Take a break from the drinking and dancing to swing by the P-Ball Scripture Tent, located in the Northeast corner of the banquet hall. Listen to Chaplain Brian read from Corinthians. For students who do not have an admission pass, Verizon Wireless will be offering passes at the door with the purchase of the NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet with blazing fast 4G LTE.

10:45pm: Close out the night with the annual President’s Ball Tractor Pull. Whether you have a date or not, this one shouldn’t be missed!

11:00pm: President’s Ball officially ends. But we know you won’t want to come back to Saint Peter yet. Just make sure you don’t stay in Mankato. For the love of God get out.

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