Jack Talks: Victory Lap

Spring Break, am I right?

It’s me, Jack. Ohle. Man, what a wild ride it’s been these past six years! Remember that one time the faculty senate called for my head? Yeah, good one. I love a good ruse as much as the next guy. Nothing can beat this great Gustie community.

This is me at a party. Not at a swamp though!!!!

This is me at a party. Not at a swamp though!!!!

All jokes aside, I’m here today to share with you some important takeaways I’ve gained from my years here on the hill.

First of all, did you know you can take a tray from the Evelyn Young Dining Room and ride it down the hill? It’s called “Tray Riding,” and it is just a rush. We sure know how to have fun here on the hill.

Another thing I’ve learned to avoid here at Gustavus is that swamp beneath Pittmen and Sore. Every Monday my desk is filled with reports of all of the gator wrangling happening in the wetlands.

As part of a final initiative of my Campaign Gustavus, I’m proud to partner with Dominos Pizza to help support the College’s strategic initiatives going forward. Although this corporate sponsorship may not gain a lot of fans, I’m confident this is a smart step for the College. I’m excited to announce a super fun contest to help show some Gustie support for Dominos. Tomorrow, the first 20 people to find and touch me will receive a Dominos voucher for $5 off their next purchase. Don’t you kids all do it at once!

Oh yeah, you are probably wondering why I’m here. Well let me tell you!

Jack “The Hammer” Ohle

Go Gusties!