Student Had ‘Really Nice Break’

BREAKING—Following Spring Break, insider sources have confirmed that student Tiffany Michaels enjoyed her week off from school and had a “really nice break.” Across campus Michaels’ friends and professors are reporting that the sophomore from Bloomington, “just had a really great time,” away from her classes and normal schedule of homework and rehearsals.

“It’s great to hear that Tiffany had a really nice break,” said Communication Studies professor Tim Davis. “My break was also pretty good.”

During Chapel Break in the caf, Michaels was reportedly overheard sharing how it was nice to be away from campus and how her break was, on a scale of one to ten, “a solid six, maybe seven.”

“It was just super nice to relax, you know what I’m saying?” commented Michaels. “I got to kick back, relax, read some things, watch some shows. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Although classes are back in session, Michaels reports that she is looking forward to the upcoming Easter Break, so she can, “get away from all this schoolwork for some ‘me’ time.”