COMMENTARY: What a Beautiful, Temperate Campus

By Nick Gellar, Junior from Falcon Heights

male-college-student-backpackGeez it’s nice out today isn’t it? I wonder if it’s like this every day of the year! I bet it is. The campus just looked like one of those brochures schools give to us. I mean, students studying?! In adirondack chairs?! I’m pretty sure every single student who knows how to play guitar was in a circle outside. I like music. In high school, I am in our show choir. I wonder if they have show choir here…

My tour was also really cool. I can’t believe these students know this much about this place! It’s like they are trained or something. And  how cool was that echo wall thing?! I could hear my mom whisper from several feet away! This must be a magical place.


By Judy Michaelson, parent of Senior Marcus Michaelson

11116564506_660666b7a5_oWhat a wonderful paradise nestled in the Upper Midwest! Adirondack chairs, students out lounging on the grass, it’s all incredible! It looked like one of those glossy brochures I got in the mail! I was skeptical that it could all be real, but after experiencing the warm campus and the students scattered outside doing their schoolwork, I realized that it was all real! I saw one student playing the bongos and not wearing any shoes, can you believe that? They’re so accepting here of people who forgo footwear! A beautiful campus in a beautiful temperate climate! I kept hearing rumors that the campus was unbearably windy, but in my book its WINdy, an absolutely stunning day! What did they say tuition was? I cannot wait to pressure Marcus to go here!