The Four Crowns Of Having A Stylish Summer

The Four Crowns of Having A Stylish Summer:

  1.     Whether you’re going for the perfect pair of hot dog legs or a classic duck face, a good selfie is a summer essential.  Get creative with your picture by trying a few different angles, such as putting your mobile device on the floor while you stare down into it with bedroom eyes.  If you are unfamiliar with how to form the perfect set of these much sought after eyes, try opening your baby blues as wide as possible, squinting one slightly, and maintaining a face that says “mystique.”
  2.     You may have seen this hot hue all over the runways this year, but orange was not taken as a serious trend until Divest Gustavus made it their power color, and solidified it as ours for the season.  From the spray-painted buckets to the tye dyed T’s, Divest’s rally for this ostentatious stain has spread from coast to coast.  The days of thinking orange is the new pink as “seriously disturbing” are far behind us, so slip into some fiery pants or a carrot top and get ready to be respected.
  3.     You may have noticed multiple Mankato heathens sporting a variety of sheared t-shirts at the Timeflies sweat fest, but fear not, for that is actually a top trend this season.  Crop tops are back with a vengeance, so get those scissors out and start cutting your garments off at the mid section.
  4.     The sun may be swelteringly hot, but sunburn is defs not.  Make sure you apply that trusty SPF like a second skin every hour, or you will resemble a crusty tomato by the end of your beach day.  While this is definitely not cute, neither is being blindingly pale.  This coincides splendidly with the Divest initiative because what ensures your skin safety while also ridding you of the sickly pallor of Casper the friendly Ghost?  The orange glow of a spray tan!  Go to a salon or have an acquaintance spray your naked body in the comfort of your home shower.  Either way, just give it a few hours to develop into a gorgeous burnt sienna and you’ll be ready to properly shake it for Luke Bryan until the sun rises to a beautiful shade of you.

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