Ask C&S: Underinvolved Underclassman

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Q: Hi Carl & Silvia. I’ve really struggled to find my own in my first year at Gustavus. How can I go about getting more involved next fall? 

cs-squareSilvia: First of all, thank you for being comfortable enough to share this with me.  That was truly brave.  Second, getting involved is super easy at Gustavus, so I’m not totally sure where you are going wrong here, but I can at the very least give you some guidance as to what your options are on campus.


-Do you enjoy hearing yourself speak?  Forensics is calling your name, unless you prefer your name sung.  Then audition for choir!

-Do you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could reserve a seat in the caf every day and attend parties inspired by nudity?” Join the swim team.

-Like to copiously swear and assert your opinions on innocent bystanders while calling it art?  Join I Am We Are.

-Like to party?  Join the GAC Track or Cross Country teams.  Trust me.

-How do you feel about exclusivity and secrets?  If in favor, then look no further than the Greek system.

-Just don’t feel like any group on campus will accept you?  Join theatre.  Those weirdos would accept anyone.  You know who you are.


I am sure that you will enjoy whatever you join!  Just remember #TurnUpOrTransfer and you should be set for the next three years.





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