ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raises Awareness that the Letters “ALS” Probably Mean Something

ATLANTA—A statement issued today by the ALS Association has confirmed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised the American public’s awareness that the letters “ALS” probably hold some sort of meaning. The challenge’s popularity, which has led to over $15 million in donations for the ALS Association, has thrust the letters “ALS” unto screens the world around, leading countless millions to realize these letters do in fact probably come together to represent a more complex idea, event, or organization.

While the meaning of the letters A, L, and S connected in that specific order remains unclear, participants have developed a variety of theories to explain the challenge’s popularity, which often revolve around baseball, muscles, or Sesame Street.

In a phone interview held Thursday morning, Ice Bucket Challenge participant Mark Walters of Minnetonka, MN claimed he participated in the viral sensation because he was challenged by a friend. When asked about his reactions to his experience, Walters explained, “I felt cold for a while, and then said some names into the camera. Then I posted it to Facebook and got a bunch of likes, all for a good cause.” When probed for details about this cause, Walters claimed “it was for ALS, which is something that’s pretty good. Or bad, depending on your perspective. It’s a good cause.

The vagueness of the movement’s origins are of little concern to the ALS Association, who weren’t really sure of the link between frozen water and a terminal progressive neurodegenerative disorder in the first place.