Democratic Party Accused of Having Liberal Bias

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WASHINGTON, DC— A study released Monday afternoon by The Heritage Foundation has accused the Democratic Party of holding a firm liberal bias. The comprehensive 240-page report, entitled A Comprehensive Review of Bias in American Politics, included extensive reviews of the Democratic Party’s history, platform, and ideology, all of which led to the conclusion that the party makes absolutely no attempt to exhibit political neutrality.

The study included far-reaching indictments of Washington elites, including President Barack Obama himself, stating that President Obama has, “An undeniably liberal bias, which taints the entire image of the Democratic Party.”Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.59.07 PM

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, oft-praised for his balanced, intellectual, and neutral newscraft, described the study as a “stunning exposé of liberal corruption in politics. It is shameful that the Democratic Party has allowed themselves to bend to such a firm, leftist bias. Clearly, the American People have work to do to make sure that the evils of bias and perspective are eliminated, and we are left with nothing but unabridged truth.”

The Heritage Foundation report also included a brief overview of the Republican Party (GOP), deeming it to also possess a slight liberal skew, while the more politically-neutral Tea Party was found to lack any bias whatsoever.