Keystone Pipeline Permanently Blocked for Six Months

WASHINGTON, DC— Following months of nationwide activism resisting a major expansion of the Keystone XL Canada-US crude oil pipeline, the Senate rejected a proposal allowing its construction by one vote. The action of the legislature conveys the government’s intention to permanently block the passage of this bill for approximately six more months.

The proposed legislation was brought before the Senate after passage in the House of Representatives. Despite repeated reviews and the support of over 60% of the U.S. population, the bill was defeated and will certainly disappear forever, until the next session of Congress.

“The senators have spoken, and they have said that this piece of legislation is no more. At least for a few more months,” said Ursula Palmer, a policy analyst at the Brookings Institute. Palmer went on to describe the results of the Senate vote as “definitive,” “game-changing,” and “lucky if they last until early 2015.”

The Senate vote has also been identified as a major blow to bipartisan cooperation, as 14 Democrats and 45 Republicans had banded together for the bill in order to serve their interest group constituencies and accelerate the progress of climate change.

Analysts are optimistic that Big Oil will remain afloat throughout the next six months, in which daily transport to southern oil processing facilities will be restricted to a mere 560,000,000 barrels of crude oil per day via road, train, and aquatic transportation routes.

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