10 Last-Minute Gifts Your Significant Other Will LOVE (And Actually Use!)

Looking for the perfect gift for that “Special Someone?” The Fourth Crown has the perfect solution for confused, procrastinating Gusties this Valentines Day.

1. Edible Arrangements
This Valentines Day, skip the overused and overdone Heart Shaped Whitman’s Sampler or Chocolate Roses, and instead opt for an Edible Arrangement. These goodie baskets offer a more personal touch with a variety of choices, including healthy fruit or veggie options for the health nut in your life. Put your culinary degree to good use, and throw one of these delicate works of food and art together now!

2. Sacrifice
Show your loved one you care with a blood sacrifice to Eros, the Greek God of Love and Desire. This sweet and simple gesture is sure to amp up the romance of any Valentines date.

3. Bucket of Bees
Sure, a Teddy Bear holding a big red heart is a Valentines Day staple, but a Bucket of Bees says, “I love you” in an unforgettable way.

4. Those Four Little Words That Everyone Wants to Hear
The best gifts don’t come in boxes. Give a gift straight from the heart with the words, “The darkness has come.”

5. A New Grandma
Let’s face it; your S.O.’s grandma is getting a little dull. Spice things up this year with a fresh new grandma! Your partner will appreciate the exciting change.

6. Sea Monkeys
Nothing says “Be Mine” like a tankful of Sea Monkeys. These cute little creatures will warm your crush’s heart and display your feelings in a creative way.

7. The Hands of an Old Sailor Man
Your sweetheart will love this romantic and classic gift! Present the Hands of an Old Sailor Man with an original song or personal limerick to really enhance the adorable message.

8. A Letter From a Child to an Elected Official
Everybody loves the adorable things kids say, so what could be a cuter way to show your love than a letter from a lil’ cutie to a government employee? This is a gift that is both heartfelt AND inexpensive! Just find a wandering child, and ask them to express their political concerns in letter format.

9. Rust
This gift is the perfect mix of elegant and homemade. Try simply scraping the rust off of things in a junkyard and giving it to your S.O. in box. (Tip: Try putting your rust in a mason jar with a bow around it for a Pinterest-worthy flair!)

10. Your Own Used Spoons, Which You Have Been Saving Since Birth
Everybody has been saving their spoons since birth, so why not show your “bae” how much you care this year by presenting them with your spoons?

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