First Years Continue to Post Memes to Class Facebook Page into Spring Semester

ST PETER, MN— As the spring semester has begun, the hopes of first years across campus have been dashed as ‘dank memes’ continue to be posted to the Gustavus Adolphus College Class of 2018 Facebook page.

“I really thought things would be different this semester,” said a first year who wished to remain anonymous. “I guess I just shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.”

Among posts inviting students to various activities, requests to wash communal dishware, and inquiries to lost items, the Class of ’18 page has been filled with memes for the past semester. While some have been attempts to create memorable reminders for campus life events, most have been student posted and student driven. A small but active group of persons have taken it upon themselves to make the Class of ’18 page a hive for meme posting and cultivation. While the page was originally intended for students to get to know each other before starting college, and then to fade into oblivion once the school year started, classic memes such as ‘tfw no gf’ have remained constant into the new semester. The frequent posting has created controversy among the members of the page.

“I’m not really sure what Shrek has to do with love, or life, but I guess it’s kind of funny?” stated Jordan Zahrte, Area Coordinator for Norelius Hall and member of the Facebook page. “It’s given us a lot of insight towards this cohort.”

Other members of the Facebook page have been less receptive towards the attempts at humor.

“I don’t understand what jimmies are and why a gorilla would have rustled ones and I don’t care. Knock it off and grow up, guys.” read one comment on a recent post. The original poster replied to the attack with an image of a twisted cartoon face captioned, ‘U Mad, Bro?’

Movements to punish the meme-posters for their internet crimes have largely fallen on deaf ears. Despite a growing faction of students wishing to have the page members barred from the group, administrative hands have been tied.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen some of these kids on campus, to be real honest. We’re not really sure if they actually go here? But they got invited to the page, so it’s not like we can ban them.” said an administrator of the page in a released statement.

“All I can hope for is that they’ll quit by next year,” said the anonymous first year. “That, or they’ll transfer schools.”

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