STUDY: 80% of Millennials Learned Foreplay Techniques From “Bop It”

SAINT PETER— A study from the Gustavus Adolphus College Department of Psychological Science has revealed that 80% of Millennials learned their technique for non-penetrative sexual encounters from the interactive children’s toy known as Bop It. Popular in the early 2000s, Bop-Its commanded a randomly-generated sequence of acts including “twist it,” “pull it,” and “bop it.”

The study, which traced the sexual habits of over 1,000 undergraduate students, identified the strong role of muscle memory in sex acts, and the overall clumsy tinkering young persons do when encountering foreign genitalia.

The researchers expressed that, while Bop It has provided an excellent foundation for enjoyable foreplay, it leaves much to be desired for fully pleasurable sexual engagement. However, the study also acknowledged that young adults who played with Bop It Extreme are perceived as more fulfilling and exciting partners. This is due to the addition of two new pleasurable gestures in the Extreme version: “spin it” and “flick it.”

In the wake of the study’s publication, many have called upon the Hasbro toy company to add in more progressive commands, including “emotionally support it” and “seek consent from it.”

The Gustavus study compounds on earlier work from the University of Minnesota’s Forum on Undergraduate Copulatory Knowledge, which identified strong similarity between the style of penetrative sex enjoyed by young adults and dance moves learned through “The Hokie Pokie.”

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