Kylie Jenner Walks Bruce Jenner Through Plastic Surgery Process

After Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman this past week, his daughter and fellow media mogul Kylie Jenner has reportedly been walking Bruce through the process of plastic surgery. Bruce, who has requested the use of male pronouns and his birth name for the time being, will likely have much to learn from his child.

“It’s a little weird at first, but you eventually sort of forget that it’s surgery with actual risks and then it’s just fun.” said Kylie Jenner, famous for her thick lips and creepy relationship with a grown man. “I’m looking forward to spending quality time with him while under the knife.”

Kylie Jenner has reached recent notoriety due to the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”, where white people suck on a shot glass until they fuck up their face. Jenner appears to have had multiple body modifications to appear more ‘black’, while retaining enough white privilege to be applauded for her edgy-cool looks.

“I feel like people are like really supportive of body modification.” Kylie said.

“Uh…” said Bruce, who has already caught flack for trying to alter his body to match his gender identity. ‘totally unnatural. super gross’ read one comment on the ABC News website. Other comments about Bruce’s transition claimed he was ‘going too far’, and concerns about the irreversibly of gender-affirming treatments and surgeries. Meanwhile, Bruce’s 17 year old daughter was happy to schedule a nose job and facial peel for the two ladies.

“I want us to look amazing. So many Instagram likes in our future!” Kylie said, referencing her hopes for her father’s transition.

“I would like to be taken seriously as a woman, which probably does mean body modification.”  said Bruce in reference to his plans for the future. “I just want to be happy.