President Becky Bergman Caught Painting “Y” on Beck Hall Signage

Becky Hall

A photograph of the scene where President Bergman began her flight from Campus Safety.

SAINT PETER—Campus Safety responded to a call late Tuesday night reporting an act of vandalism outside of the entrance to Beck Academic Hall. Campus Safety apprehended the suspect after a short on-foot pursuit. College President Rebecca M. Bergman, the alleged vandal, faces a fine of $500 and potential suspension from the institution.

The vandalism includes additions of the letter “y” in the middle of all four signs marking “Beck Academic Hall” in an attempt to be associated with the college’s most impressive academic building. The college’s executive is reported to have put up little resistance after being seized by responding Campus Safety Officer Vic Pascutti following a segway chase.

Many have speculated that the President turned to vandalism after learning the difficulties of legacy building and strategic leadership in higher education. Faculty and alumni with longer institutional memory link Bergman’s recent behavior to her controversial predecessor, Jack R. Ohle. This President found the utility of claiming others’ contributions as his own, including fundraising milestones and the college’s overall academic excellence. Thankfully for many in the college community, it remains doubtful that President Bergman will also follow her predecessor’s most noteworthy strategy of simplifying college governance by ignoring all other components of the college government.

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