Otherwise Perfect Internet Blemished by Gustavus Yik Yak Usage: SURVEY RESPONSE REQUESTED

SAINT PETER—Since its popularity exploded in the late 1990s, the Internet has enjoyed a spotless history as an open, friendly, and unbiased forum. This spring marks the end of this tradition, with the proliferation of negative sentiments on the anonymous application Yik Yak.

Both social analysts and computer aficionados are shocked and saddened by the Gustavus student body’s destructive choice to ruin the entire internet. Furthermore, the student body continues to fall under attack by the student body for their careless hate-mongering, which has never, ever, ever, ever happened in its 152 year history as an institution.

In the interest of analyzing the interests of this surprisingly dysfunctional community, we at The Fourth Crown have put together a survey to gauge who and what we’re going to make fun of when this inevitably flares up again:


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