10 Gusties You Had No Idea Were Greys

In light of the recent announcement that the Greys fraternity will be returning to campus after an extended hiatus, we now look back on some alumni you probably forgot were a part of this Greek organization during their time on the hill!


  1. John Wilkes Booth: The semi-professional actor, best known for assassinating Abraham Lincoln, was wearing his Greys letters at the time of the shooting.
  1. Liam Neeson:  Before starring in Schindler’s List, Neeson graced the stage in Anderson Theatre as a member of the Greys during his brief tenure at Gustavus.
  1. Max Planck: 1918 Nobel Prize winner. Inventor of quantum theory. 100% Grey.
  1. The Campus Cat: Lost his tail during rush week and still made it to all the activities. Now that’s a brother!
  1. Old Guy from Six Flags commercials: Decorated Dance major and member of the inaugural Grey pledge class of 1818.
  1. Bill Clinton: Before carrying his partying ways to the White House, Clinton got his start partying with his brothers in the Boy’s House.
  1. Gordon Gecko: Successful businessman and corrupter of Charlie Sheen’s character in the movie Wall Street has his fraternity letters stitched into his robe at 1 hour 17 minutes into the film.
  1. Swedish Chef: The critically acclaimed culinary master from the Muppets was the first international student to rush the Greys successfully.
  1. Susan B. Anthony: Key leader in the women’s suffrage movement got her zest for gender equality when the Greys let her join in the class of 1842. The “B” stands for “Boy’s House”.
  1. Hal 9000: Artificial intelligence computer aboard Discovery One spacecraft and antagonist of the groundbreaking science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey was a member of the Greys in the class of ‘91.

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