A Letter to Gustavus Forensics

By: The Nordic Ski Team

Hello old friend,

I know that it has been a long time since last we spoke, but now that you’ve found yourself in my position, I can’t help but give to you some words to inspire and hopefully give you a fighting chance in the slalom that is existence as a school funded activity.

Although the world seems a dark and hopeless place and the pain of the loss feels too great a burden to bear, you must take refuge and remember that which brought you together: Teamwork. Integrity. 26 Hours of Daily Practice. Now, in your time of despair, forget not that which makes us strong, which makes us passionate, which makes us. A group of individuals. Fueling each others drive as a smith works his bellows. All in working order. All challenging the heat and simultaneously increasing its roar. A team.

Remember the times you stood amongst the greats, giving passion and fire to your teammates and opposition alike. Remember the moments you stood, on the verge of crushing defeat, moments from tears, and brought back from the depths a sinking ship. Remember how it feels to stand as one against those who would do you wrong. Remember. We remember how it feels to receive the warm embrace of approval from college administration. The soft caress of appropriate levels of funding on our cheeks. But that is no more. But even though our skis sit un-slalomed, you cannot concede defeat now.

The days of the physical aggressors are gone. No longer are we in a world success can be made the same way it was made by the Lionhearts, Cromwells, and Confessors. But that’s what we had. Our tools were useless in regaining our lost wealth. A few well-intentioned Facebook posts and online petitions are nothing but scratches on the skis of effective communication.

But you. You have one of the most powerful tools on the planet. The knight has his sword, the author has his pen, but you, you have your voice. One voice. Raise your fist and triumphantly emphasize every word with a bold hand gesture. Rise up and demand that enough is enough. For we can no longer silently accept the treatment we have faced for years. The treatment which has torn too many groups from campus. Stand up now and fight, for you shall not go the way of the Horseshoe Club, the Campus Comic Collectors, the Digimon Appreciation League. No. You are more than all of them. You will stay and you will fight. Your time for action has finally arrived. Show the world what you have been practicing and refining tucked high away in your private suite atop Beck Hall.

Please. Do not go gentle into that good night.

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