Fathers of First Year Roommates Silently Racing to Complete Child’s Bed Loft First

SAINT PETER— First year move in day is notorious for the whirlwind of emotions that it elicits as anxious 18-year olds leave their worried mothers and their skeptical fathers. Move-in itself is particularly stressful as over 600 students attempt to move in a lifetime’s worth of possessions into a 9’x9’ room.

In this move-in day bustle, it is easy to miss the air of competition and passive aggression as fathers silently race to complete their child’s bed loft first.

With six different pieces weighing in at around 220 lbs, the completion of a bed loft is no easy feat. Of course, this does not phase any true Gustie Dad. Carrying fifteen boxes, a mini fridge, a flat screen TV and six fans up five flights of stairs is only a warm up for the main event.

Leaving their wife to argue with their daughter about the lack of necessity in fixing her makeup or their son about loudly rating the girls that walk by, Gustie Dads start assembling the infamous Gustavus bed lofts.

It would be easy to miss this silent aggression as the only words ever muttered are the occasional “Dammit” and “50 grand for this piece of crap” but their silence should not be seen as a form of weakness. Most dads have been waiting all summer to complete their child’s bed loft and proudly walk into another child’s room to ask their father if they would like some help.
This move in day, make sure you take a break from judging your roommate and the low quality of the bathrooms to watch the competition unfold.