First Year Struggles to Keep Track of People There to Support Him

SAINT PETER— Visibly overwhelmed by the constant outpouring of campus resources by various groups, first-year Devon Pierce told reporters he cannot keep track of everybody at Gustavus who is there to help him. Less than 24 hours into the First-Year Orientation Weekend, Pierce confirmed that no less than seven groups had enthusiastically volunteered their time to ensure that his transition to college life went smoothly.

“When I moved into my dorm, and my CF reminded me that he is always available should I need some help, things were going well,” said Pierce. “Later last night, my Greeter, some peer assistants, and the Counseling Center all insisted I turn to them when I am feeling overwhelmed. That left me feeling overwhelmed.”

Other first years have also reported increased anxiety due to the myriad choices promoted by various College organizations and offices. “It became easier to keep track of the places I SHOULDN’T go for help, like Print Services,” said Janessa Collins. Added Collins, “Even though there were a million places I could go, I had no trouble keeping track of ‘I Am, We Are’, they said they would help me more loudly and insistently than anybody else.”