Sheltered First Year Doesn’t Know Roommate Is Completely Sloshed

SAINT PETER — First year Marjorie Klimkel is thrilled to announce that her roommate, Ashley Lange seems to be “the perfect fit” for spending every minute together for the next four years.  

“I was deciding between Bethel and Gustavus, but based on my roommate, it seems like people really are gonna like me! She is just so friendly.”

After Klimkel returned from the square dance, she found her roommate sprawled out on her bed gulping a Diet Coke that “kind of smelled like nail polish remover.” Lange proceeded to launch herself off her bed and wrapped her arms around Klimkel.

“She kind of shouted at me and said, ‘I just love you so much already, Marji. You are so awesome.” Lange stumbled back onto her bed and spilled more soda on her face, but this didn’t seem to faze her, Klimkel said.

“Even though she spilled all over herself, she just laughed it off and giggled for, like, five minutes straight. I love how she doesn’t let anything get to her!” A few minutes later, Lange was reported dancing around the room to the Sammy Adams classic, “All Night Longer,” taking selfies of herself dancing, and screaming “woo.”

“I’m just lucky to live with someone who has the same values as me — positive and peppy, that’s the name of the game. We are  hashtag ‘so college’. She even said she’s met a few of the older guys that invited us to a get together at their house next weekend! I’m glad that Gusties are kind to everyone, even us new kids.” Klimkel said.

“She’s just like- she’s just- she has such pretty hair. She’s like, soo amazing. I love her. We’re best friends.” was Lange’s only decipherable comment.

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