New Dive Programming Aims to Prevent Dangerous Off-Campus Bingo

SAINT PETER—  After low turnout for the Dive dances this semester, the Campus Activities Office announced its new plans to reduce dangerous off-campus behaviors. The programming entitled, “Gusties After Dark,” features a rotation of trivia, bingo, and crafting. In recent years, the Saint Peter Police Department noted an increase in high risk unmonitored bingo parties, which has resulted in angry calls from neighbors and emergency response for students who kept playing bingo long past the point of safety.

Director of Campus Activities Angela Mundo outlined the CAO’s concerns over the risks of off-campus bingo, explaining “we know bingo is going to happen. It’s our job to make sure it is done safely.” Mundo continued, “we believe off-campus bingo is particularly risky, resulting in unlicensed distribution of prizes, bingogoers’ unawareness of what exactly is in their prizes, and students calling way too many numbers in too short a time period.”

First year Sofia Maripez has expressed support for the new programming. “My roommate has come back to our room several times from an off-campus bingo party unable to walk straight from all the prizes she has with her. She used to play once a week, but ever since hanging out with that senior from her Cultural Anthropology class, it seems all she wants to do is play bingo.”

The new programming has not come without criticism, however. Junior Sean Joseph, a regular attendee of Friday night Dive dances, has taken to social media to air his concerns with the new options. “I don’t know how I’m gonna get girls to come back to my room to play partner cribbage with all these (expletive) rules,” Joseph lamented via Twitter.

The Campus Activities Office remains confident that given the choice of higher-risk off-campus gatherings and late night on-campus bingo, students will consistently choose the option with more $10 Bookmark gift cards and college employees watching them at every turn.

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