INFOGRAPHIC: Halloween Costume Ideas

Not sure what to dress up as for Halloween? The Fourth Crown has all of the Gustavus-inspired costume ideas you need to make the night a success!

  • Campus cat — Throw on some cat ears and people all over campus will be letting you into their houses for the most exclusive parties! For extra cute charm, rub your head against everybody’s shins and cough up a hairball or two on their shoes!
  • Your materialistic roommate — Complement your crop top with a can of low-fat almonds that you totally shouldn’t be eating OMG! Make sure everybody knows that you just can’t stop eating them and you’re so fat LOL!!!
  • Your FTS professor — Compliment your overfilled mug of steaming hot coffee with an untucked and unironed button down! Showcase the fact that it’s only week 8 and you already don’t give two shits by not washing your hair or shaving!
  • That one annoying Greeter — Nothing says Halloween cheer like kicking off the Rouser at every possible moment!
  • The gross kid that sits behind you in Bio 101 — Carry a half-eaten burrito with you for the whole night and loudly chomp on it while sitting uncomfortably close to your friends!
  • President Bergman — Woah! Things might get kind of sloppy out there, but you’ll be everybody’s favorite if you buy yourself a kick ass power suit and clean up messes made by old white guys!
  • First Year — Nothing says smooth and totally sneaky like carrying a bottle of Karkov around in a sports bag and talking about how blasted you are! Classic! Make sure to really get into character by interjecting several comments about how much you miss your mom!

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