First-Year Student Hates Drama

SAINT PETER— Following growing tensions around her relationship with her roommate, first-year student Nicole Prenner announced via Twitter her firm hatred of drama. “I hate drama.” stated Prenner, adding in a subsequent Tweet, “Drama can gtfo :|”. Despite her clear and repeatedly mentioned hatred of drama, Prenner tragically finds herself in the middle of dramatic situations on a regular basis.

After avoiding full-scale Twitter warfare over her roommate’s failure to respect her side of the 165 square foot dormitory room, Prenner was unwillingly thrust into yet another dramatic situation when hearing another 2C resident crying to her parents about financial difficulties over the phone. Prenner again took to Twitter to clarify her stance on drama, sharing “I don’t care if your [sic] out of money. Don’t cry about it in the middle of the section. I don’t need your drama.”

Tragically, this simple affirmation of Prenner’s outlook on interpersonal conflict somehow generated more drama when several other 2C residents with whom Prenner regularly interacts on Twitter began hushedly discussing the Tweet in their common area.
This unfortunate legacy of hardship followed Prenner from Prior Lake High School to Gustavus, where, on the third day of orientation, Prenner posted to Facebook “Idk why everyone at GAC is so dramatic all the time?” Sadly, even this innocent observation generated drama, as Prenner’s new acquaintances asked Prenner about what drama her status referred to. This, according to Prenner, was “so dramatic. FML.”

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