CinCC 2015: “Shalom, Salami Bethlehem” to Recognize Halal and Kosher Meats

SAINT PETER— Following rumors that the upcoming Christmas in Christ Chapel would revolve around the controversial disagreements between the Abrahamic faiths, it was revealed late on Friday that the theme for this year’s concert would be, “Shalom, Salami Bethlehem” and would celebrate the long history of Halal and Kosher Deli Meats. Recognizing the intense debate that surrounds the creation of these foods, the College has selected this theme to engage the greater Gustavus community in this highly controversial topic.

Featuring hymns such as “O Come All Ye Hungry”, “Ave Marianate”, and “Pastrami We Have Heard on High,” this year’s concert will feature orchestral music, hymns, choral works, and dance to highlight the divisions that exist in modern society regarding the correct preparation of meat products in Judaism and Islam.

“It’s a really great opportunity to include all believers in the Abrahamic God in our Christmas-specific celebration,” said choral director Greg Aune. “And what better time than now to discuss the different methods preferred by these religions to slaughter animals and prepare their flesh for human consumption.”

As part of the concert, a Kosher slaughter, or shechita, will be live-streamed Saturday night at 7:30pm.

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