Steve Kjellgren Named Minnesota Poet Laureate

ST. PAUL— Following the publication of his first anthology of poetry, The Steve Sampler, Gustavus Dining Service Director Steve Kjellgren has been named Minnesota’s 2015 Poet Laureate.

At a private reception in Minneapolis, Kjellgren’s collection of limericks, haikus, and other poems was recognized by judges for its impeccable use of rhyme and descriptive imagery. “Kjellgren’s command of the poetic verse, married to a deep understanding of food vocabulary and the human experience, provides for a physically and spiritually satisfying collection,” said panel judge Gertrude Hasp-McKinley. The anthology also received high praise for its expressive use of bold and uppercase text and the daring use of five-dot extended ellipses.

This critically-acclaimed anthology includes such masterworks as “CaStevo Royale“, the touching and emotional sonnet “¡Baste This!” and the 21-page free verse epic “Jesus, Steve! Put Down That Pastry Brush!”

Coinciding with his installation, Kjellgren plans to release a second anthology featuring the majority of his unpublished work entitled Straight Outta the Dish Rack. The soon to be revealed pieces are rumored to shed light on Kjellgren’s past and his rapid controversial ascension to the top of the food service directorial scene in the early 1990’s.

Both anthologies will be available for purchase in the Book Mark next week. Included below is a selection of short works from The Steve Sampler:


Party Potatoes

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum

dip the spoon in deep


return your gus-ware

we miss it very much here

or we’ll jack up prices


i am the night bird

the liquid sky in my hands

tonight is steak night!



In                the

Everlasting da(y) cloud.

      NimBL e.