5 Finals Stress-Busters You Won’t Want to Miss!

Feelings overwhelmed by studying, exams, and final papers? The Fourth Crown has combed through all of the on-campus stress relieving activities to bring you our top 5 picks. Take a break from stressing and check them out!


#5: Stressbusters Full Body Massages, Magic Mike XXL, Candles, Sensual Incense: Konferensrum, 12/16 4-6 pm

The Stressbusters are back and geared up for finals! Come to the Konferensrum on Tuesday between 4 & 6 pm to be rubbed down by that studly Channing Tatum lookalike from your econ class! For an extra finals treat, the Stressbusters will be giving full body massages and wearing sexy little outfits. #SteamyStressRelief


#4: Frost Yourselves, Courtyard Caf, 12/17 4 pm

To bring some sugar to your finals week, the Peer Assistants will be sponsoring a “Frost Yourselves” event in the Courtyard Cafe. Take a break from the books and come on down to access vats of buttercream frosting to slather over your bare chest!

#3: Live Music, Courtyard Caf, 12/17 2 am

Having trouble getting through a late night study grind? Unwind with the rhythmic chanting of real live Gregorian Monks! Don’t let finals get the best of you. Beat some sense into yourself with their relentless, repetitive bass chanting.  


#2: Hot Yoda, Lund, 12/18 10 am-10pm

Hit up Lund to watch that sexy little green guy from Star Battle 5000 tell you tales of his mysterious past. He may say a thing or two about Luke Skyscraper, Obi-Bone Canoli and even his furry friend Chewbacco! Better get there quick!


#1: Hot Dog Cannon at Chapel, Christ Chapel, 12/18 9:45 am

Sick and tired of church being so boring? Let the Holy Spirit get you going during communion with a huge-ass hot dog cannon! This thing can shoot hot dogs up to 95 MPH. Don’t try and catch it with your mouth! Bring a ball glove and your loosest-fitting worship pants, because we’re putting the “fun” back into “Christian Fundamentalism”.


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