Heartwarming! The Bagel That I Put In The Caf Toaster Will Be Ready In Time For The Holidays

When I awoke this morning, I felt empty. There was an aching in my stomach, a void I thought could never be filled. But just as I was giving up hope I received a special surprise: the blueberry bagel I put in the toaster will be ready right in time for the holidays.

Wow! There is some good left in the world.

While I could’ve let my feelings of sadness and hunger overwhelm me, I decided to take action. I walked over to the plastic casing for assorted grain products and picked out the bread ring of my dreams.

Simply incredible.

I then placed it on one of the cafeteria’s toaster ovens. I picked the left oven because I saw the rods on the bottom were redder than the ones on the right which means it was probably warmer.


And if that wasn’t enough for you, after my two-weeks on break, I will come back to a bagel that’s been completely transformed. My doughy treat will eventually have a dense, chewy interior and a browned, crisp exterior.

Faith in humanity is restored.

If you know anybody who needs some holiday cheer, share this touching story to keep them merry and bright!

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