Students Task Administration with Fixing Student Rape Culture

SAINT PETER— Calling on the College’s administration to take action amid the pressing problem of sexual violence, students loudly insisted that the administration immediately and swiftly work to end the trend of student-committed and student-enabled sexual crimes on and off-campus.

“As a student body, we are deeply disturbed by this trend that we refuse to see ourselves as complicit in,” commented Sophomore Roman Davies, who attended the College’s Forum on Sexual Misconduct on Monday night. “We will not back down until the administration, who has its hands tied by a convoluted mess of federal laws and regulations, enacts some concrete change in our culture. Preferably by this weekend.”

Several students expressed anger and frustration that the College and the federal government remained ill-equipped to address the student problem. “If they could just improve everything to make it better, we wouldn’t have to do anything ourselves. We need more adults. Adult intervention is required to save our young adult lifestyles,”  commented Junior Caitlin Drummond.

Students were quick to volunteer several solutions that would allow the College to actively fight the student-level problem in a way that would surely be effective and appropriate. “Could we just get some officers down at The Lodge this Friday? Because we really aren’t sure if we know sexual assault or inappropriate sexual contact when we see it. Besides, I’m usually just too tired to say anything, so it would really be better if we let the immense bureaucratic machine handle this thing,” suggested Sophomore Paul Anderson.

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