We Photoshopped a Beer Helmet on a Photo of Becky Bergman and We’re Really Sorry About It

We want to start off by just sharing that nobody is perfect. We certainly proved that to be the case today. We’re going to be honest with you. We messed up big time.

We photoshopped a beer helmet on a photo of President Rebecca Bergman. For that, we are really, really sorry.beckybeerhelmet.jpg

President Bergman works hard to remain a trusted and compassionate leader, as well as a role model for healthy lifestyles for all students. Her position is extremely challenging, and it is very important she keeps a positive image while doing the great work she does. We put this in jeopardy by spending 10 or 15 minutes on Adobe Photoshop making it look like President Bergman had a professional portrait taken while wearing a helmet with two cans of beer strapped in. We sincerely hope that you forgive us

To make matters worse, we made it look like President Bergman’s beer of choice is Carling. We’re not really sure how things got this out of hand but we deeply regret that decision.

It is quite possible that some people will find this content offensive or off-putting. At the very least, most will find it to be completely lacking of any comedic value whatsoever. So we admit it: we goofed.

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