Physical Plant Truck Dispatched to Fix Physical Plant Truck

BREAKING— Responding to the urgent service request near Anderson Hall, a Physical Plant truck was deployed earlier this morning to repair a Physical Plant truck. The request, which appeared in the Campus’ electronic service form usually used for dorm room repairs, indicated that the Physical Plant vehicle was inoperative and “in need of a jump start or maybe a new transmission.”  

“Our team prides itself on timeliness, and we already have a worker fixing the problem,” said Physical Plant director Warren Wunderlich. According to Wunderlich, the harsh Minnesotan winters and uneven driving conditions on the campus’ sidewalks had taken their toll on the battered 1999 Ford Ranger pickup. “Our team is reporting that most of the electrical components do not work, the suspension is completely rusted, and the engine oil hasn’t been changed since 2001. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to save this one.”

As of press time, a third Physical Plant truck was being dispatched to the scene to assist in the repair effort.


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