Res Life Hires Patrick’s Bouncer to Check for Fake Slips at Room Draw

SAINT PETER— After widespread reports of fake room draw slip mills, Residential Life has enlisted the security and bouncing services of Patrick’s on Third to check students’ slips as they enter Alumni Hall to select their room for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Orin Madger, Patrick’s lead bartender, has spent the week carefully comparing authentic and forged Room Draw slips from previous years. Orin and his team hope Gustavus students are well aware that they will not even let students in whose names they know without presenting their slips.

The Saint Peter Police Department will also be on hand to break up any potential brawling that may occur as a result of students’ judgment being clouded by the Room Draw process.

Residential Life is hopeful that this year’s Room Draw will be less fraudulent than last year’s, in which they contracted with the bouncers now working at Hammer’s bar in town. The Hammer’s bouncers sparked a housing crisis during the 2015 Room Draw when they allowed a bunch of 19-year-old girls to claim rooms in Chapel View and Southwest Apartments without even bothering to check their fake slips.

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