Gustavus Administration Launches Effort to Identify Banksy

SAINT PETER— After discovering extensive vandalism across campus, Gustavus Adolphus College has assembled a task force team to identify which student on campus is graffitist and art world darling Banksy.

“We’re positive this is the work of Banksy. Who else would think of defacing school property?” said an administrator. The UK-based street artist’s designs are well known for their precise, stenciled qualities, which Gustavus authorities have observed in the graffiti plastered on various garbage cans around campus.

Junior Studio Art major Ryna Wright has been selected by college officials to help identify the work of the London-based street artist. “I would note that these designs are particularly esoteric in their construction, with a sublime use of symbolic color to evoke a visceral ethos perfectly representative of its audience.”

While administration searches for their culprit, art critics and appreciators have been flocking to campus hoping to catch a glimpse of Banksy and his work. “This is his first Southern Minnesota appearance, and we’re thrilled to get a brief glimpse of his genius,” said Minneapolis curator Bellwind Dillshank.

As of press time, several prominent art critics were seen sorority-squatting and taking selfies next to the Gustavus sign.

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