Student Busy Complaining About Being Busy

SAINT PETER— Sophomore student Kris Brall has spread word far and wide about how busy she is this week. Brall needs to dedicate 2 hours of her time to an unexpected assignment for her Spanish 102 class, and 8 hours of her time complaining about how stressful that assignment is. This overlaps with Brall’s immensely busy workload with elective social organizations, a supportive and transparent housing process, and an interesting and stimulating chosen major.

In a recent interview, Brall expanded: “Well, I have like 2,000 pages of reading due for my stupid religion course, and there’s so much drama in my section” Brall said of her 15-page reading for her entry level “Religion in America” course and the decision of two roommates in her Co-Ed section to not live together again next year. “Plus, I’m dead broke right now” continued the upper middle-class student with “only $170 left” in her debit account and two parents at home who will send her more discretionary money after a 2-minute phone call.

What further stresses Brall is the looming ordeal of Room Draw. The college’s room selection process mirrors the stress of the real world apartment searches, in which landlords hold weekly open information sessions, allow roommates to switch residences mid-contract without financial repercussions, and enable apartment-seekers to immediately secure alternative options of their top choice if not available at that time. And, just like the real world, Brall is suffering from the crippling stress of having full knowledge of all her housing options and their comparable amenities well in advance. The excessively busy student complained, “Room Draw is going to take like 45 minutes, at least.” This immense time commitment is comparable to the real-world ordeal of housing research, including research, travel, and multiple visits.

Brall does take comfort in her immense suffering by sharing her plight with others. Whenever other students talk about their busy schedules, Brall graciously informs them that her week is even crazy busier before filling time by listing what is filling her time.

“I guess I’m just way over-involved.” Brall concluded, referring to the two socially-focused student organizations she electively joined, and which she could leave without conflict at any point.

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