Top 7 ‘Her Campus Gustavus’ Articles

Since its launch two weeks ago, Her Campus Gustavus has shaken up the campus news scene with hard-hitting commentary and cutting insights. Check out these top 7 articles from Her Campus’ first weeks on campus, including brief excerpts from each informative piece of journalism.

10 Reasons Financial Aid is Literally Bae

“7. Netflix & chill? More like (Vice President for Finance & College Treasurer) Ken Westphal & bill!”

BEAUTY: I used Caf Cream Cheese as Shampoo for 3 Weeks, and it Went About as Badly as You’d Expect

“PRO: High fat content ensures hair is silky, sleek, spreadable. CON: Follicles now 6 days past expiration date; only way to unclog shower drain is by scrubbing it with a bagel.”

183 Tips for Instagramming Your River Rock Latte

“73. Make your photo stand out among the caffeine-infused Instagram feeds of your friends! Take a photo of the inside of your latte by dunking your iPhone inside the cup while clicking the shutter!”

More Like Jihotty! Check Out This ISIS Member’s Radical Abs

“If you’re like me, then you think people of ALL faiths can get along. So I’m celebrating radical Islam by thanking Allah for this 8th-century holy warrior’s 8-pack.”

We ran out of ways to give away this free shit so just comment your room number below and we’ll drop it off later

“I don’t remember if it’s a thermos from the Bookmark or some little gender-neutral bows for small dogs, but whatever it is, you can have it.”

Are Becky and Tom Bergman This Spring’s Kimye?

“Ok, they’re probably not, but this headline actually got you to come to this article. For that, you are hereby punished with these 10,000 gifs of needles being inserted into arms.”

10 Feminist Role Models and Also a Stock Photo of a Black Lady Because Our First Draft Was All White Sorry

“Fixed it! Sorry!”

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