Campus Safety Busts Secret Wednesday Plant Sale in Gustavus Greenhouses

SAINT PETER, MN Two students have been taken into custody for an illegal plant selling operation in Nobel’s greenhouse. The blowout plant sale which was supposed to end last Friday secretly reopened this Wednesday in celebration of an unknown holiday. This mishap comes after Tuesday’s incident when two lab TA’s of the Chemistry department were caught selling questionable chemicals in front of Lund to celebrate Bicycle Day and help promote Lund’s new bike rental program.

The two students in charge of the plant sale were taken away by Campus Safety early Wednesday afternoon. Campus Safety was alleged to have been tipped off by a Yak that said: “Special plants for sale in the Greenhouse, come celebrate the holidays ;)”. The pair who claimed to be innocently extending the plant sale to help raise funds for the department were also earlier quoted as saying “Super dank brah! No seeds OR stems! My bro picked this up in Colorado so you know it’s good shit.”

Upon realization being charged one of the students, a Junior Bio Philosophy major Zachary Mcintosh, claimed that he was “just holding it for a friend” and “we should have just gone to the Arb like everyone else.” In lieu of these incidents, Campus Safety has prepared extra security for the Dance Department’s event “Dabbin’ in the Dive.”

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