Mike Stud Performs Surprise, Unwanted Opening Act for Hunter Hayes

SAINT PETER— Emerging in a burst of laser light and a cloud of Axe Body Spray, Mike Stud stunned the crowd at the Hunter Hayes concert by performing an unexpected and unwarranted opening set that nobody enjoyed. The 27-year-old hip hop artist made his first, and many hoped last, Gustavus appearance two years ago opening for pop/hip-hop group Timeflies.

“What’s up Gustavus? It’s great to be back!” Mr. Stud told the raucous crowd in Lund Arena who had clearly been hoping for anybody else to kick off the night’s entertainment. Mr. Stud proceeded to perform several songs that were unidentifiable to the audience.

“Oh Jesus, not him again,” commented Junior Chris Nettles. Mr. Stud, whom students have described as “kind of douche-y,” “unbearable,” and “Oh God, please no,” is back on the road following the release of his new album “These Days.” He told reporters he couldn’t resist stopping by Gustavus and doing one more victory lap performance for his dedicated audience of MSU-Mankato fans.


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