6 Gifts To Give Your Mother On Mother’s Day

Scrambling to find a gift for Mother’s Day? The Fourth Crown has you covered with this list of last-minute presents that we know your mom will love!

  1. A “Unique Plant.” Honestly, will she know she is growing the devil’s lettuce?  No flowers this time, but at least it’s a plant you will be excited to come home to.
  2. A photocopy of your application to drop out of college. Your mother will delighted to calculate the savings from a lack of tuition bills. Plus this means you might have to live at home and keep her company. She sure gets lonely.
  3. Three Greyhounds. Who would love a trio of high strung, anxious, racing animals more than your mother? Now that she’s finally been able to retire and has no kids in the house, she’ll need something to occupy her time!
  4. A gift card to Chili’s. No reason. I think she likes that place.
  5. A subscription to Her Campus. She worked her way up in a small company during the second wave of feminism in the 90s while raising a family, so we’re sure that she’ll appreciate “An Open Letter To the Pair of Lululemons That Got Away.”
  6. A bucket full of receipts from Hammers that you totally used your mom’s credit card for but you wrote I’m sorry on the back of all of them so it’s ok.

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