6 Tips to Beat Summer Boredom

  1. Spark up a summer romance. Let’s be honest, these three months can be lonely. Head over to your local bus station and you are sure to meet some nutty characters! Besides, bus station regular Ol’ Willy and his lazy eye glances in your direction a little too often. Just make it clear this is only a summer fling and nothing more. Ol’ Willy’s heart aches after the war and for his ex-wife.

  2. Skip the beach waves and surf the web instead. An actual beach has many dangers such as sunburn and drowning. Plus, we have to be honest and say a beach bod is not worth a nod. Take some time to “google interesting facts” or “read a few articles.” Just remember to lock your door because mom has a few vacation days next week and she is already suspicious.
  3. Learn a new language. Summer is a great time to broaden your vocabulary and your horizons. How many different ways can you say productivity in Old Norse? Let us know because we have no idea. 
  4. Get some exercise. Nothing beats boredom like getting the blood pumping. To get started try and reach for the sky touch then your toes and end in the fetal position. This is a prime stretch to reflect on past life choices and you’ll be sure to feel the metaphorical weight of the accumulation of your life failures which will snowball into a mediocre adulthood. 
  5. One, two, beat the bore. Three, four, golly you need more! Five- take a dive make some sick beats that dance and jive. You probably guessed it by now, but we recommend taking up some poetry or songwriting. Be realistic and understand this is just for fun so don’t go submitting that junk or god forbid actually perform it. This is private and you should respect our wishes. It’s the least you can do. 
  6. Pick up a few books. We are a little confused by copyright laws so we won’t actually suggest any specific books to read. To supplement take a few hours each day and dust off those cookbooks grandma always brings home from church. Better yet, poke around Her Campus if you want a good chuckle! But don’t you go ignoring us again. Dig into our archives and read our old articles. Each view makes our self-esteem improve little by little. You owe us.

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