Pokemon Go Causes Arb to See Most Action Since 4/20

SAINT PETER — Due to the release of the mega-hit mobile game Pokemon Go, the Linnaeus Arboretum was exposed to the most amount of foot traffic it has seen since April 20th. Typically used by a few everyday walkers, joggers and kids in hammocks, the beloved collection of regional vegetation usually only becomes crowded on a random day in mid-to-late April. However in the days following Pokemon Go’s release, the pathways and clearings have seen a consistent increase in population.

“It’s great to see such a harmonious interaction between technology and our beautiful planet,” said arboretum supervisor Joy Delevigne. “I love to think of all the creatures, both digital and living, playing together amongst the leafs and trees. Perhaps one of those Charlizzards will befriend a little rabbit, or Pocketchew will spook a curious coyote! Oh, what fun!”

While the game is popular with the college’s summer residents, a healthy majority of those visiting the arboretum come from summer camps or the community.

“I love to visit the tree place to look for Pokemon,” said local 5th grader Dylan McBride. “There are so many cool ones hiding in the trees. One time I saw a Pidgy sitting in a bird’s nest. Another time I saw a Weedle playing with a ziploc baggy full of a plant that made my head feel funny. That place is the best!”
The increase in non-residential visitors has been widely accepted by campus staff and administrators. “Hey, whatever brings the community together is a good thing. Sure, it’s a little strange to have a 44 year-old man hanging around in a small forest using his phone’s camera while a bunch of little kids play, but it must just be part of the game,” said campus safety officer Mel Briarcliff. “It’s probably good for the Admissions Department, too. I bet a lot of kids will want to attend Gustavus once they learn of all the majesty that can take place in the arb.”

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