Becky Bergman Admits to Being Beyoncé’s Becky With the Good Hair

SAINT PETER, MN — Following months of speculation and debate, Gustavus President Rebecca Bergman has admitted to being the “Becky with the good hair” who was prominently referenced in the popular Beyoncé Knowles song “Sorry”. The lyric, name checking Bergman, has since caught fire and on the internet, becoming a meme and the source of much discussion.

“Sorry” is a song off Beyoncé’s sixth studio album Lemonade, which focuses on a theme of infidelity within marriage. It is highly suggested that “Becky with the good hair” is a romantic rival to Mrs. Knowles.

“Look, I don’t know Jay-Z very well, and I’m perfectly happy in my marriage,” said President Bergman. “But, me and Beyoncé have been beefing for years. I’m not trying to make her a single lady, but I don’t trust that pandering pop star as far as far as I can throw her. She thinks she runs the world, but, to be honest, she’s either crazy or drunk. I’m Becky ‘with the good hair’ Bergman. I run things around here. I’m irreplaceable. She can try to get all her little fans in formation to take a shot at me, but I see her. I’ll watch my throne, but there’s no way she’ll take it while she’s off doing collabs with Coldplay. If she comes at me, she’s going to be sorry.”

The Fourth Crown was unable to get Beyoncé’s opinion on the matter.

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