Nobel Conference 52: In Search of Economic Balance Kicks Off- Look At The Next 10 Years Of Themes!


SAINT PETER, MN– Today marked the start of the annual Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College today,  surrounding the theme of Economic Balance. Economists, social scientists, and intellectuals have convened to discuss and share research on global economics and the ethical questions generated by current world trade policy. The Nobel Conference has been hosted by Gustavus for 52 years, and is the largest gathering of Nobel Prize winners outside of the Nobel Prize Ceremony. Themes are picked out years in advance, and span a wide array of subjects. The following list is the lineup for the next 10 years of the Nobel Conference:

2017 Nobel 53: Reproductive Technologies (A College Begging Its Students to Not Conceive) 2018 Nobel 54: Astral Projection As a Tool For Social Change
2019 Nobel 55: Squirrels the Size of Horses: Our Ten Year Plan
2020 Nobel 56: Hey Guys, Where Are the Bees?
2021 Nobel 57: Nobel 49 Blew, Our Bad
2022 Nobel 58: Space Is Too Big And We Don’t Like It
2023 Nobel 59: A Critical, Social, Emotional, and Sexual Examination of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony
2024 Nobel 60: Birds?
2025 Nobel 61: Modern Taxidermy Practices
2026 Nobel 62: What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Ocean

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