Panhandling Day A Hit at Gustavus

SAINT PETER — In an effort to raise funds for the school, Gustavus in currently in the midst of Panhandling Day, an event meant to raise awareness for homelessness and money for a private liberal arts institution.

Panhandling Day came about when Give to Gustavus Day was incidentally scheduled over the Homelessness first term seminar’s Homelessness Week. To many this represents a stunning conflict of interest, but to the bright minds of Gusties this was a golden opportunity. Thus, Panhandling day was born. Students and staff are now able to learn about institutional fundraising and the plights of homeless individuals within the span of one calendar day.

During Panhandling Day, students are encouraged to dress up as old-timey vagabonds and beggars as they plead for donations to their college. “Creating a good aesthetic is really a large part of Panhandling Day,” said administrator Cathryn Bell. “We want these kids to actually feel as if they are boxcar children or street urchins as they beg for money that will ultimately fund complex social institutions.”

The best part of all this? The students love it.

“Yep, I’m a huge fan of giving my laboriously earned quarters, dimes and nickels to Gustavus. Paying for school with loans just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction. I like giving something more physical. You know what I mean?” said sophomore Dylan Harper.

At the time of this article’s posting, Panhandling Day had gathered around $40,000 in large quantities of spare change.

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