Campus Cat Second Guesses His Vote Cast For Trump

A recent series of tweets by Cooper the campus cat has gone viral expressing regret for supporting President-Elect Donald Trump.

“Mr. Trump, I voted you in so you would drain the swamp in Washington because I don’t like swimming. And meow I’m hearing that you’re planning on appointing a climate-denier as the head of the EPA. Frankly, I’m furious.”

It didn’t end there. The feline continued to lay into the garbage-can-of-a-human-being and the reaction on Twitter was largely paw-sitive.

An exclusive interview with the forlorn furry footed celebrity found that the regret is only growing.

“Meow. Meow meow. Meow meow mew meow mew.”

To further illustrate this point Cooper continued, “I’m seeing now that his idea of purrgress is very diffurrent from meown. I’m a-paw-lled. I’m hiss-terical. But mostly I’m just feline mewerable beclaws I keep thinking that this catastrophe is partly my fault. If I had read more campaign litterature that might have changed my decision.”

At this point a couple of first year students noticed Cooper and offered some belly rubs, so the interview promptly concluded.

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