“I’m Just Looking for an Open Dialogue,” Says Student Looking for Validation

St. Peter, MN- Amidst controversial and nuanced campus wide debates following the 2016 presidential election a clarion call was sounded by Junior Political Science Major Elizabeth Clarke. On January 24th she turned to Facebook ostensibly to gain some clarity on the views of her fellow students. She ended her long winded post asking for civil comments about the election with, “I’m just looking for an open dialogue,” clearly looking for validation.

She reiterated her stance in the comment thread that ensued saying, “Seriously, people. This shouldn’t be a platform to attack each other. This should be a place for healthy debate.” She then proceeded to like all of the comments in that thread made by people she agreed with, regardless of what they actually said.

The next day she shared an article by NPR while scolding the Trump administration for silencing the EPA via a media blackout. Clarke’s comment on the article read, “Silencing the voices you disagree with is oppression and it’s exactly what is wrong with this country. We NEED more open and inclusive dialogue.”

After sharing the article, she went back to read the aforementioned thread so she could delete comments at her own discretion.

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