Email Scandal Rocks Senate Co-President Campaign

ST. PETER, MN — A recent development has rocked this year’s Co-Presidential race. Early in the morning on Tuesday it was discovered by first-year student Ben Moray that a candidate who is a current member of the Gustavus Student Senate has been sending emails to their constituents since the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. “I was checking my email account for the first time in like a week when I found it. The despicable thing.”

This comes as a shock to a campus that is notorious for really not giving a shit about emails they are sent, especially when from student led organizations. Many have already expressed their disdain on social media, and the scandal is only growing. One Gustavus student vented on Facebook saying, “I can’t believe that my own representative has been sending me email updates. I hate emails. Whenever I get one I have to click on it so that the notification on my phone goes away. This attempt to get me involved or informed is blatantly irresponsible.” One Myspace user said in an interview, “This is probably the worst scandal since Watergate. I can’t believe campus media hasn’t been digging deeper into this.” Another Myspace user tweeted, “This is shamful (sic). They should be jailed!” One of the replies  reads, “Yeah! Kudos to the Fourth Crown for being the first to give this legitimate coverage. Finally an org is covering the real news at Gustavus.”
This bombshell of a headline comes just days before the Co-Presidential debate where many are wondering if the candidate will address the issue directly or try to keep it a non-issue.

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